AISociety - Appraisers International Society - AIS ―――――――――――――――――――――――――――――― Since 1982, AIStandards™ & AiCertification™ developer Elly Rosen has been the primary developer of professional personal property appraisal and valuation principles, applied ethics, procedures, methodology and reporting, as leader of the first education, testing and certification programs. Now Elly and the AiCertification Team offer the 4th-Decade AIStandard
AISociety - Appraisers International Society - AIS   ――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――     Since 1982, AIStandards™ & AiCertification™ developer Elly Rosen has been the        primary developer of professional personal property appraisal and valuation principles,          applied ethics, procedures, methodology and reporting, as leader of the first education, testing             and certification programs.  Now Elly and the AiCertification Team offer the 4th-Decade AIStandard

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  • Ruby Chen (Friday, May 16 14 12:18 am EDT)

    Hi, Dear:
    I'm a GIA GG. I like to become a jewelry appraiser. Is your courses design for that?

  • A.C. (Sunday, December 14 14 02:07 pm EST)

    What countries recognize your certification?

  • Elly Rosen (Sunday, December 14 14 04:27 pm EST)

    Hi Ruby,

    Thank you for your query.

    AiCertification™ IS most definitely designed for global Gems & Jewelry/Jewellery (G&J) Valuation & Appraisement, just as it is for all movable and affixed personal property.

    In fact, it is THE most advanced program ever offered for professional providers of G&J Valuation & Value Related Appraisal Services™.

    See the G&J page at the AiCertify Tab or SideBar link above.

    BTW - My apologies for not posting this reply sooner ( is still under development).

    That being said, this reply is timely for you to take advantage of \'Early Registration\' discounts still being offered for the AiCertification™2015 program, scheduled to start online Mon., Jan-12th.

    I hope this is responsive and please do let us know of nay follow up questions.

    On behalf of AiGovernance,

    Best wishes -Elly Rosen

  • Elly Rosen (Sunday, December 14 14 04:49 pm EST)

    Hi A.C.,

    Thanks for your query:

    What countries recognize your certification?

    AiCertification IS the FIRST professional personal property program of education, certification, testing and referrals which is also applicable to ALL GLOBAL free market economies and jurisdictions.

    We currently have graduated AiCertify alumni and Enrolled AiCandidates - AiSV\'s & AiSCV\'s - in 7-countries on 4-continents (North America, South America, Europe and Oceania (Australia-New Zealand)

    So the simple answer to your question is that we are applicable to personal property valuation and appraising in all countries, as far as we know, most countries, which we are quite sure of, and many - any - which we have already researched due to the needs of Enrolled AiCandidates.

    The little known reality and truth is that \"personal property\" Valuation & Appraising is a free-for-all of unregulated, voluntary, self-certification in most nations, most of which generally only recognize and regulate real estate valuers and appraisers.

    In most global jurisdictions and free market economies professional Personal Property Valuation & Appraisal certification is voluntary and self-regulated by the appraisal market place.

    Even some jurisdictions which register personal property valuers or appraisers do NOT have required education, certification and testing to a professional standard of personal property valuation and appraisal, principles and applied ethics, methodology, procedures and reporting.

    So, in context of this reality - we are not only recognized for (read as applicable to) most if not all free market economies and jurisdictions, we are the only program researched and confirmed as applicable to most.

    I hope this is responsive and helpful.

    Best wishes -Elly

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