AISociety's "AiSCV-FAS Fine & Decorative Arts" Specialty Education, Testing, Certification & Referrals Program
AISociety's "AiSCV-FAS Fine & Decorative Arts" Specialty Education, Testing, Certification & Referrals Program
AISociety ™ Appraisers International Society ™ AIS - Personal Property Appraisal's Global Valuation Standard ™ GVS ――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――― Since 1982, AIStandards™ & AiCertification™ developer Elly Rosen has been the primary developer & instructor of professional principles, applied ethics, procedures, methodology and reporting for multi-specialty, attached and movable Personal Property Appraisal & Valuation. Leader of the very first education, testing, certification and referral programs, now Elly and the Global AiCertification Team offer the 4th-Decade Global AIStandard v6
  AISociety ™ Appraisers International Society ™ AIS  -  Personal Property Appraisal's Global Valuation Standard ™ GVS    ―――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――      Since 1982, AIStandards™ & AiCertification™ developer Elly Rosen has been the primary developer & instructor        of professional principles, applied ethics, procedures, methodology and reporting for multi-specialty, attached          and movable Personal Property Appraisal & Valuation.  Leader of the very first education, testing, certification             and referral programs, now Elly and the Global AiCertification Team offer the 4th-Decade Global AIStandard v6
NEW "AiCore I - Valuation Principles & Procedures" Program for the NEW "AiS" - "AISociety Member" Title NEW "AiCore I - Valuation Principles & Procedures" Program for the NEW "AiS" "AISociety Member" Title
Symbol of Excellence!  Rendered AiSV™ Logo-Pin of AiCertified™ AiCore™ of AiSCV™, AiSV™ Certified & Accredited Titled Members - ALWAYS appearing with the AiCore Member's AiV-Registry License # Symbol of Excellence! Canvas of the AiSV™ Logo Pin with AiV-Registry License # of AiV-Reg. Listed Accredited AiSV™ & Certified AiSCV™ Titled Members


Appraising Fine & Decorative Arts


Eliginility course for the



Fine & Decorative Arts​ Valuer


THE AISociety Certified Member Graduate Title


for Global Fine & Decorative Arts Professionals



Applying AiCore™ Principles, The AiCode & AIStandards

to Unique Needs of F&DA Specialty Areas


by Deborah Arden, AiSCV-AVS, AiV


AiCertification Board Certified "Advanced Valuation Specialist"


AiSCV-FAV™ is the only F&DA program in accordance with

THE 4th-Decade AIStandard v6.5


Personal Property Appraisals 1st, ONLY and Truly Multi-Specialty

Global Valuation Standard™ (GVS™)


Debut Offering Opening Session: Live, Online Thu. Sep-6th, 2018 

AiCore I & II Fundmentals Courses are recommended, but not required for the course.



 Primary Program Developer & Instructor:

Deborah Arden, AiSCV-AVS, AiV

[Click on Deborah's LinkedIn Link/Badge to view her Profile.]


ETA:  This AiSpecialty program is scheduled to start Sep-6th 2018


Join AiCertification's Global, Multi-Specialty AiCoreClass of 2018 Live, Online in AiResidence or through Online AiMentored Self-Paced Study™ with AiMentors™ in the AiCloud™ offered year round.

AISociety "AiSCV" "Certified Member" Level IS Currently Available to ALL in Personal Property


Successful completion of the AiCore™Valuation & Appraisal Fundamentals Program ("AiCore") provides AISociety Accredited Member eligibility and listing in the AIS Accredited International Valuer Registry™ (AiV-Registry) as an "AiSV - AISociety Valuer".


Following completion of the prerequisit AiCore™Program, members of ALL Personal Property specialties may currently attain AISociety Certified Member Status with listing in the AiV-Registry as an "AiSCV - AISociety Certified Valuer" by successfully completing any of the AiSCV Graduate Diploma programs, including:


The AiSCV-AVS Advanced Valuation Specialist Graduate Diploma program; and/or,


The AiSCV AiSpecialty area Graduate Valuer Diploma programs, e.g., G&J Valuer, E&H Valuer, F&DA Valuer, etc.


AiSCV-FAV AiSpecialty Graduate Title Program Debutes Sep-2018


   3rd in a series of planned AiSpecialty AiSCV Diploma Title Programs


   Developed by Deborah Arden, AiSCV-AVS, AiV, who is uniquely qualified for the task.  Deborah completed all the courses and exams of AiCertification™2013, including the "AiSCV-AVS Advanced Valuation Specialist" Graduate Diploma Porgram, receiving her AiCertification Board certification as an "AiSCV-AVS"; the most advanced appellation available in the international world of personal property valuation and appraising.


   That dedicated participation added to Deborah's more than 2-decades of advanced professional appraisal education and practice as a highly respected Residential Contents practitioner and Trial Expert, while putting her in the ideal position to develop AiSCV-FAV in sync with AIStandard v6.5.


   Since the start of 2014, Deborah has been working with AiCertification Developer Elly Rosen and a number of talented 2013-16 AiSCV-AVS fine and decorative arts and other multi-specialty practitioners towards the goal of having AiSCV-FAV available to debut its online Development Offerings during early Fall-2018.



AiCertify™2018 Fine & Decorative Arts Triple-Crown Registration:



  • Pay for that package's US$2,200 AiCore & AiSCV-AVS Programs, or at 35th-Anniversary discounted rates while posted;


  • Achieve AISociety "AiSCV" Diploma Certified Member standing by successfull completion of the AiCore™Fundamentals & the "AiSCV-AVS" programs included in that packge; and


  • When AiSCV-FAV becomes available, sign up for it within one year and only at that time, pay only the additional $600 Full AiCertification™ Package amount applicable to the AiSCV specialty diploma.  That way being on a level playing field for the US$2,800 which other AiSpecialty folks have to pay for their specialty AiSCV as part of the full AiCertification™ package.



Please contact us with any questions about any of this.


Aside from the Contact options found in the sidebar on the left, you can also use our online "Comment" form to leave a Comment or Question for Randeen or others at the bottom of this page.

Please Submit the "Required Agreement Form" below

and then use this payment registration option -


If you want to enroll for the full AiCertification package of AiCore, AiSCV-AVS and your AiSCV Specialty, you can qualify or the Triple-Crown package rate by enrolling in the AiCore & AiSCV-AVS Graduate title program.


When doing so, indicate that your specialty is "Fine & Decorative Arts" and that you want to take that program when it's available.


You'll pay that portion of the package which is for AiCore & AiSCV-AVS - Then when AiSCV-FAV is ready you'll be able to enroll for the same package discount amount which you'd be able to have if it was available now.


We're doing it this way so you can have the Triple-Crown rate, without our taking payment for that part of the program which is not already fully ready and available.



So - To enroll in the AiCore+AVS AiCertification™ Package of:


The "AiCore™Fundamentals" "AiSV" Program

Including AiCore-I & AiCore-II,

followed by the

"AiSCV-AVS Advanced Valuation Specialist"

3-course Graduate Diploma Title Program



If that is done by folks whose AiSpecialty rogram is not yet ready, the Enrolled AiCandidate would then be able to take their AiSpecialty AiSCV Diploma title program within one-year of it's first availability - locking in the fee for that offering at the same total US$2,800 FULL Triple-Crown AiCertification rate - just as is now the case for the G&J program - meaning you'll only have to pay a balance of US$600 for that AiSpecialty AiSCV offering if you sign up for it during the first year of its availability.

LIMITED TIME DEBUT OFFER for Registration of the Sep-Nov 2018 Offering at 2017 Rate Valid While Posted for 2018-19 Offerings of Deborah Arden's AiS-FA Appraising Fine & Decorative Arts Course
1,400.00 USD

AiS-FA Stand-Alone Course $1,400

Valid for any one 2018-19 AiS-FA offering

For Registration with the Aug-Nov 2018 Course Offerings.

If eligible for AiV-Registry Listing, a one-time $99 AiV-registry Setup fee will be due after the course



AiCertify does also provide interest-free monthly payment options
but at a slightly higher total tuition to cover administration costs.

See the breakdown at the bottom of the program details table on each program page

Email for more info


Please BE SURE to submit the form below

when processing your registration payment!

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AiSCV-FAV Program Details





AiCore™Fundamentals Program completion

for "AiSV" Accredited Member eligibility is the recommended prerequisite for ALL additional

"AiSCV" Certified Member Diploma Title programs

including "AiSCV-FAV Fine & Decorative Arts Valuer"







Recommended Prerequisite for all AiCerty programs

is the AiCore-I™ Principles & Procedures Appraisal & Valuation Fundamentals Program.


Join Elly Rosen and The Class of 2018


Offered Globally, Online, Live in:

Full program AiResidence™ starting in Feb. of each year;


Or, year-round via AiMentored Self-Paced Study collaborating with AiMentors in the AiCloud


! Registration is NOW OPEN for AiCertification™2018!



Register the AiCore™Fundamentals Program alone

or with the above AiCore + AiSCV-AVS Package:


- Through the currently running live, online AiResidence

   offering, filling in prior sessions via your AiCloud Folder;


- via AiMentored Study using the current AiResidence materials collaborating with an AiMentor in the AiCloud



Registration for AiCore™Fundamentals can be done

by either:


Enrolling in AiCore as a package to be followed by the

"AiSCV-AVS Advanced Valuation Specialist" Program.

That package will provide you the option to enroll in

the AiSCV-FAV Fine & Decorative Arts Specialty program

at greatly reduced package rate during the 1st-year

after its scheduled Apr-2018 debute.


Or, enroll in only the AiCore™Fundamentals program

and then register to take the AiSCV-FAV at it's regular

tuition rate when it becomes available.


See the bottom of this table for info on related fees.



Details of the:

"AiSCV-FAV Fine & Decorative Arts Valuer" Program

AISociety Certified Member Diploma Title Program

with AISociety licensed title holders listed in the

AIS "Accredited International Valuer Registry"

Start date


AiSCV-FAV Diploma Eligiblity Program is currently

 scheduled to start global, online Development Offerings

 at the start of Sep-2018.


Live, Online, AiResidence programs Starts annually in Feb.:

When permitted, late enrollment in the live,

AiResidence offerings is possible using required program

materials and audio-visual AiRecordings, and

assignments which will be placed and tasked

in the Enrolled AiCandidate's folder in the AiCloud.


Global Interactive AiMentored Study Online in the AiCloud:

ALL AiCertification programs and AISociety Member

titles of the Accredited International Valuer Registry

[AiV-Registry] are available online via interactive,

structured AiMentored Self-Paced AiCloud collaboration.


Live AiResidence


Session times


Two sessions per week usually 2-times Mon & Wed or Tue & Thu

 Current live, online, global audio-video AiResidence

 offerings are typically at:


2-4:30pm and repeated live at 9:00-11:30pm U.S. ETimes


Number of offerings for each of the 2 weekly sessions

and the times for such such offerings are adapted to

the makeup and time zones of course participants.

In this way, since 2011, we've accommodated folks

across 21-global time zones.


 After that, audio-visual AiRecordings and session

 materials are posted in the AiResidence program

 Folders in the AiCloud, for review or missed sessions


Lessons durations


Two and a Half hours total:  Presentation + Q&A-Discussion



Course duration


AiCore™Fundamentals program

AiResidence: 5-months from February through June

Structured AiMentored Self-Paced Study: 5-months (up to one year allowed)


AiSCV-AVS™ Advanced Valuation Specialist program

AiResidence: 3-months from Oct. through Mid-Dec.

Structured AiMentored Self-Paced Study: 4-months (up to one year allowed)


 +3-months allowed for AiSCV Appraisal Assignments


AiSCV-FAV Fine & Decorative Arts Valuer program

projected to be 2-months AiResidence,

with up to 4-months allowed for structured AiMentored Study




AiResidence: Live, Online Audio-Video Classroom;

 Global participants typically span 21-time zones


Also available with the AiMentored Self-Paced Study™Program

 using the latest AiResidence course materials

 and AiRecordings in the AiCloud with AiMentors


Class size


Projected maximum of 25.


Classroom Hours


AiCore™Fundamentals program

120 Classroom Hours Total

(AiCore-I = 40-hours; AiCore-II = 80-hours)

including Review Sessions & Two 4-Hour Final Exams,

in addition to independent assignments and appraisals.


AiSCV-AVS™ Advanced Valuation Specialist program

80 Classroom Hours

including Review Sessions & Four 4-Hour Final Exams,

in addition to independent assignments and appraisals.


AiSCV-FAV Fine & Decorative Arts Valuer program

projected to be 50-Classroom Hours




AiCore™Fundamentals Program is the prerequisite


Tuition Fees


& Payment




[All rates are 2017-18 rates
valid while posted]


AiSCV-FAV fee for stand-alone,

      post-AiCore enrollment


If enrolling after you've started AiCore™


Projected to be US$1,400




Pay in 6-Months Interest free, or monthly after

6-months with PayPal Credit [was BillMeLater]:

Qualified US Residents might use PayPal Credit

to pay PayPal in 6-months interest free, or to start

PayPal's monthly payments with accrued interest.


Interest-Free payments to AIS totaling:  US$1,470


US$1,470 total if paid in Three (3) US$490

- 1st at enrollment

   then two (2) by the 15th of the following two months.



AiCertification Enrollment Packages

  provide significant savings:


Payments for AiCore I & II + AiSCV-AVS Package:


PayPal Credit Qualified folks might register with PayPal payment, Interest free if padi to PayPal within 6-months,

or with accrued interest to PayPal if starting monthly

payments for 6-months.



Interest-Free payments to AISociety for a total of US$

via PayPal automated billing:  US$2,400


AiSelfStudy Monthly Payments to AIS:


Two (2) payments of $375 each

 - 1st at enrollment, 2nd by the 15th of the following month.


Then six (6) monthly payments of US$275 each.


Additional AiSCV-FAV US$600 due before

starting, if taken within the 1st-year of availability



Included in


this package:



In addition to everything already included and received

with the AiCore™Program and/or AiSCV-AVS Program,

Registration & Completion of this program provides

eligibility for the AiSCV-FAV Certified Member Title

& it's AiSCV-FAV AiV-Registry License #'d Diploma


[See the Program Details Table on the AiCertify pages of

  the AiCore & AiSCV-AVS Advanced Valuation Programs]


NOTE: An additional $99 AiV-Registry listing setup fee is due after successful completion of AiCore-I




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Join AiCertification's Global, Multi-Specialty,  AiCore™ Class of 2019 as an "AiS" "Member Valuer", or as a non-member "AiV"™, appellation of the NEW "Accredited International Valuer" title, by completing Global, Online AiCore-I's 40-Classroom Hour FasTrak Offerings in our live online classrom or through NEWLY Structured, AiMentored Self-Paced Study Online, in the AiCloud

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The AiCalendar

See the AiCalendar for  Global Orientation sessions for AiCertification's Live Classes and AiMentored Self-Paced Study are offered regularly, Live & Online.

AiCloud™ Self-Paced Study start-ups take place throughout the year, beginning with monthly assignment of global, multi-specialty AiMentors to new Enrolled AiCandidates™.  AiMentors work with AiCandidates online, in the AiCloud using current Live AiResidence™ course materials and audio-video AiRecordings™.

It is a small world after all

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