AISociety - Appraisers International Society - AIS ―――――――――――――――――――――――――――――― Since 1982, AIStandards™ & AiCertification™ developer Elly Rosen has been the primary developer of professional personal property appraisal and valuation principles, applied ethics, procedures, methodology and reporting, as leader of the first education, testing and certification programs. Now Elly and the AiCertification Team offer the 4th-Decade AIStandard
AISociety - Appraisers International Society - AIS   ――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――     Since 1982, AIStandards™ & AiCertification™ developer Elly Rosen has been the        primary developer of professional personal property appraisal and valuation principles,          applied ethics, procedures, methodology and reporting, as leader of the first education, testing             and certification programs.  Now Elly and the AiCertification Team offer the 4th-Decade AIStandard

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Developed and taught by Elly Rosen,

the most comprehensive & advanced

ever offered for personal property, are

also the most Accessible & Affordbale

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AIS Founder & President Elly Rosen is widely recognized as the pioneer of professional personal property valuation and appraisal education, testing and certification.  He headed up the first professional personalty program ever offered from it's start in 1982 and served as it's primary developer and instructor for the first and most formative development decade of 1982-1993.


Since 2011 a group of advanced, international personal property professionals from 6-countries, on 3-continents have worked with Elly, live, online in AiCertification's state of the art audio-visual, webcam equipped classrooms, contributing to the 3,000 hours he's spent developing the AIStandard™ to it's current v3.6.


Meet the Global, Talented & Dedicated
AiGovernance Leadership Team
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Truly International & Multi-Specialty


Personal Property Valuation & Appraisement


Now truly international, and multi-jurisdictional, the AIStandard & AiCertification is applicable to all free market economies.


AIStandard's principles, ethics, applied methodology and procedures apply to all personalty valuation and appraisal assignments, from the most basic to the most advanced, straight through to comprehensive Trial Expert services.


AiCertification provides comprehensive coverage for application to all personal property specialty areas, including: Gems & Jewelry; Residential Contents; Fine & Decorative Arts; Antiques & Collectibles; Machinery & Equipment, etc.  



You'll learn more as you explore this AISite and interact with the AiCore here, on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and in our live, online complimentary Webinars and Q&A-Discussion Groups.


Meanwhile, immediately below you'll find a round-up of current, live AiResidence™ & AiSelfStudy™ offerings, as well as Elly's landmark 1994 feature article on valuation and appraisal professionalism. Written for a Gems & Jewelry publication, you'll find that it's applicable to all personal property specialties.

The AISociety's AiCertification™ program (AiCertify™)

   offers online courses in two formats:


  • AiResidence™ - Scheduled online, live audio-video global classes with participants spanning 18-time zones around the globe.  AiCertification AiResidence program classes are given in state of the art online classrooms - the most advanced available for audio-visual presentations, audio-video Q&A-Discussion sessions following every presentation, testing with group review and related webinars;


  • AiSelfStudy™ via the AiCloud - Utilizing AiCertify's state of the art file sharing AiCloud, AiSelfStudy allows you to pick the time and place for your studies, on a structured but liberal schedule working in collaboration with AiMentors™.  Using the same materials of the latest version of the parallel AiResidence program, including audio-visual AiRecordings™ and all course materials. 


Find our more about our learning philosophy and get to know our team.

Elly Rosen's Oct-1994 JCK Manage Study Center Feature Article:  "Why You Need Appraisal Education: Profits vs. Pitfalls in Professional Appraising" View in online reader

 Why You Need Appraisal Education:

Profits vs. Pitfalls

in Professional Appraising

by Elly Rosen

Edited by George Holmes and Debbie Holmes

JCK Management Study Center

October 1994, pp 111-125




Contextualized and illustrated for Gems & Jewelry Valuation & Appraising

but fully applicable to ALL global, personal property appraisal assignments.


View this article in the electronic reader


This groundbreaking Elly Rosen feature article provides a comprehensive

introduction and overview to professional personal property appraising,

from the most basic Intended & Assigned Uses of Consumer assignments

to the most advanced needs of the professional client community,

in all global free market economies and common law jurisdictions.

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  • Randeen Cummings Nelson (Thursday, January 02 14 03:08 pm EST)

    Congratulations, Impressive Indeed!

  • Elly Rosen (Thursday, January 02 14 09:39 pm EST)

    Congratulations & Thanks to you Randeen for coming on board with the 4th-Decade AIStandard v3!

    Very fitting that yours is the first Comment on's ROAR into 2014 -

    After all, 2014 is the year for AiCertification adding the AiSpecialty Program: AiSCV-RCS Residential Contents Specialist - under your leadership!

    One more illustration of the mantra developed for AiCertification by the 2011-13 AiCore:

    "Mutually Beneficial Sharing & Growth".

    Best wishes to all -Elly

  • Bill Korst (Tuesday, January 07 14 07:07 pm EST)

    Fantastic website Elly. It's a truly fitting testament to your commitment to Valuation / Appraising Education and Principles that you have so dedicated yourself to for 30+ years. With , your 4th decade continues with much fanfare.

  • Elly Rosen (Wednesday, January 08 14 12:22 am EST)

    Thanks for taking the time to share your valued observation Bill. However, we shouldn't underrate the debt owed by personalty valuation professionalism to you, the global AiGovernors, and to all of the dedicated AiCore. Best wishes -Elly

  • Nancy Joys (Saturday, January 11 14 03:10 am EST)

    AiS' new home is wonderful!

  • Mitch Forest (Thursday, January 16 14 02:04 am EST)

    We now have a presence that does us proud and let's the world know what AiS is all about.
    Nicely done!

  • Nancy Parks Mleczko (Sunday, February 23 14 06:37 pm EST)

    The BEST educational website ever!!!

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