AISociety ™ Appraisers International Society ™ AIS - Personal Property Appraisal's Global Valuation Standard ™ GVS ――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――― Since 1982, AIStandards™ & AiCertification™ developer Elly Rosen has been the primary developer & instructor of professional principles, applied ethics, procedures, methodology and reporting for multi-specialty, attached and movable Personal Property Appraisal & Valuation. Leader of the very first education, testing, certification and referral programs, now Elly and the Global AiCertification Team are in the 5th-Decade Global AIStandard
  AISociety ™ Appraisers International Society ™ AIS  -  Personal Property Appraisal's Global Valuation Standard ™ GVS    ―――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――      Since 1982, AIStandards™ & AiCertification™ developer Elly Rosen has been the primary developer & instructor        of professional principles, applied ethics, procedures, methodology and reporting for multi-specialty, attached          and movable Personal Property Appraisal & Valuation.  Leader of the very first education, testing, certification             and referral programs, now Elly and the Global AiCertification Team are in the 5th-Decade Global AIStandard      

Register for the Full 3-Course "AiSCV-AVS" Program

BELOW this "Trial Expert" OPEN ENROLLMENT Course information section


Do that NOW at still covid-low 40th-Anniversary rates

which may be used for 2022 OR 2023 offerings of THE



Advanced Valuation Specialist

& Trial Expert

3-course program


Global, ONLINE AiCertification Classes

Live or through AiMentored™ Self-Paced Study in the AiCloud™



Or, Get Started NOW with just


of A 21st-Century Profitable Appraisal Practice:


Elly Rosen's

"AiS-TEx™ Trial Expert"




To Join the World's BEST

Expert Witnesses; Trial Consultants

& Document Reviewers


For:  Appraisers & Valuers,

Authenticators, Identifiers & Graders

and ALL personal property specialists


by Elly Rosen

AiCertification's "Trial Expert" Course:

Expert Witness & Trial Consultant


For Appraisers & Valuers,

Authenticators & Graders


and ALL Personal Property Specialists

AiCertification's "AiSCV-AVS Advanced Valuation Specialist" Diploma Eligibility Program - Appellation of AISociety Certified Members Licensed & Listed in Accredited International Valuer Registry AiCertification's "AiSCV-AVS Advanced Valuation Specialist" Diploma Eligibility Program - AiSCV: AISociety's Certified Member Appellation Licensed & Listed in the Accredited International Valuer Registry [AiV-Reg]
AiSCV-AVS Graduates' "AISociety Qualified Trial Expert:  Valuation Specialist" Logo, personalized with AiV-Reg License# for use as per AiS-ToS AiSCV-AVS Graduates' "AISociety Qualified Trial Expert:  Valuation Specialist" Logo, personalized with AiV-Reg License# for use as per AiS-ToS

 AiCertification2022 to AIStandard v22



Advanced Valuation Specialist™

& AISociety Qualified Trial Expert™


For "Certified Member" "AiSCV" Title Eligibility


95-Hour Online program encompassing an advanced, international, multi-jurisdictional, multi-specialty, 3-Course Series, including:


  • AiS-Law™ Advanced & Regulated Assignments


  • AiS-TAX™ Revenue Valuation & Appraising


  • AiS-TEx Trial Expert: Expert Witness, Trial Consultant & Document Reviewer


Strongly Recommended But Not Required Prerequisite*:

The AiCore™ Fundamentals Program


[*NOTE: Starting in August of 2017, AiCertification's "Open Enrollment" program allows folks to take courses and/or programs out of order.  While this is not our recommended best practices election, it is permitted to be in keeping with our Mission Statement and in consideration of the reality that folks seek professional education for many purposes and under diverse circumstances.  HOWEVER, related "AiS . . ." graduate titles and appellations require AISociety Membership and performance in accordance with "The AiCode of Ethical Conduct & AIStandards of Practice" can NOT be awarded until successful completion ALL AiCertification AVS prerequisites!]


AiSCV-AVS is offered globally, online in Live AiResidence twice weekly 3-hour classes,

or periodic AiSfaTrak™ Thu-Mon extended Weekend offerings,


Or through Aimentored Self-Paced Study in the AiCloud

The AiMentored format provides the same program as Live AiResidence, using the AiResidence audio-video AiRecordings and course materials.  As with Live AiResidence, AiMentored AiSCV-AVS follows enrolled candidates' conclusion of AiCore™Fundamentals


  • 3-courses of 28-classroom hours, including AiResearch & AiReporting Clinics
  • Plus three 4+hour course Exams & seven hours of Gradauet Title Review & Exam
  • Followed by a 15-hour independent, multi-step valuation and appraisal assignment


Course Developer & Instructor:  Elly Rosen, AiSCV AVS-GJV, FGA, GG

AISociety's AiCertification "AiSCV-AVS ™ Advanced Valuation Specialist" 3-Course Series Diploma Title Program: AiS-Law; AiS-Tax; AiS-TEx AiS-AVS™ 2017 v5.3 A global multi-jurisditional program, applicable to most international & national free market economies

See Below for



35th-Anniversay AiSavings


Good for participation in any 2017-18 Live or Self-Paced offerings!

Join the Global, Online AiCore

Class of 2017 as a Graduate Alumn:


"AiSCV-AVS AISociety Certified Valuer"™


an "AiS Certified Member" Titled as an


"Advanced Valuation Specialist & Trial Expert"™


Signup NOW as an Enrolled AiCandidate to take AiCore-I + II + AiS-AVS's 40+80+80 Classroom hour programs globally, online.


Through dedicated, global, online AiMentored Self-Paced Study you may do the whole program online in the AiCloud to complete the AiCore & AiSCV-AVS 5-courses of 200-ClassroomHours by the end of 2017!


Or - Register for AiCore-AVS now at 35th-Anniversary Savings and apply that registration to AiCertification's 2018 Live, Global, Online, AiResidence Offerings with AIStandards Program Developer & Primary Instructor Elly Rosen, AiSCV AVS-GJV!


Or - get a start with Elly's Live, Online AiFasTrak Offerings of AiCore-I's 40-ClassroomHours, now in open enrollment for online, live, self-paced study and extended weekend offerings in 3-global regions during Apr-May!


Advanced Valuation Specialist AiSCV Advanced Valuation Specialist™    AiV-Registry™ License #'d Diploma


Advanced Valuation Specialist™


3-Course Series for AiSCV-AVS

80-Classroom Hour Diploma program for eligibility as an


"Appraisers International Society

Advanced Valuation Specialist"


AISociety Accredited International Valuer Registry advancement to the highest level of AISociety Certified Membership as an:


AIS Certified Valuer - Advanced Valuation Specialist™

Please use this payment registration option to enroll in the AiCore+AVS AiCertification™2017-18 Packages of:


The "AiCore™Fundamentals" "AiS/AiSV" Program,

Including AiCore-I & AiCore-II

followed by the

"AiSCV-AVS Advanced Valuation Specialist & Trial Expert"

3-course Diploma Title Program



or other AiSpecialty Diploma program.


Any AiSpecialty, including Gems & Jewelry, Estates & Household Contents, Fine & Decorative Arts, etc., can use this option to obtain eiligibility for the advanced AiSCV AISociety Cetrified Valuer member title.


If this AiCore + AiSCV-AVS package option is used by AiSpecialty's which do not as yet have an AiSCV Diploma program to register for, the enrollee would then be able to take their AiSpecialty AiSCV Diploma title program within one-year of it's first availability.


Doing so with this registration pakage, will, while it is still being offered, lock in place your total "Triple-Crown" tuition, the same as that currently offered to Gems & Jewelry "Triple-Crown" registrations.  Meaning you'll only have to pay a prorated balance for your AiSpecialty AiSCV Diploma offering, if taken within its first year of availability.

Registration, Payment & Required Agreement Form!


Please use this PayPal checkout module to register securely with your PayPal Account, PayPal Credit, or by credit card on the PayPal page.


Please let us know when submitting the form below If you'd rather pay by phone with credit card, debit card or checking account info, or by Debit Card via Square Cash Secure Email

Or phone 1+347-281-4220


Please BE SURE to submit the REQUIRED Agreement Form below the payment module when processing your registration payment!


AIS Reserves the right to accept or refuse enrollments at its own discretion.

Any registrations which are not accepted will receive a FULL refund.

Individual Enrollment Payment Module


35th-Anniversary $250-off AiAdmin Fees & Tuitions

LIMITED TIME OFFER VALID WHILE POSTED: 35th-Anniversary $250-OFF AiCertification 2017-18's 5-Course AiCore-I+II & AiS-AVS Law Tax & Trial Expert Courses for "AiSCV-AVS" Title Eligibility
2,150.00 USD

Saves $1,050 with this package rate for: AiCore I &II + AiSCV-AVS

PLUS $250-off [$50 off regular $1,200 Tuition & Waiver of $200 AISociety Fees]

$99 AiV-Registry Listings Setup Fee will be due with 1st title eligibility



AiCertify does also provide interest-free monthly payment options
but at a slightly higher total tuition to cover administration costs.

See the breakdown at the bottom of the program details table on each program page


Questions About the "2-fer-1 BOGO" Offer for two or more Enrolling Together?


We can also process your debit or credit card payment by phone or email.


Email for more info

Please click on this link to open and read the AISociety Terms of Service (AIS-ToS)™



REQUIRED for EACH Enrolled AiCandidate

to Send In When Processing Payment!


"2-fer-1 BOGO" Enrollments:

Please BE SURE to submit separate entries of this form

for EACH Enrollee!

Your form message has been successfully sent.
You have entered the following data:

REQUIRED AISociety Registration Form indicating Agreement to the AISociety Terms of Service (AIS-ToS)

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Either way, be sure to submit the "Required Agreement" form below.


LIMITED TIME:  WHILE POSTED - In addition to the considerable savings when enrolling program packages,

while posted, ALL tuition rates below save enrollees $198 in AISociety Fees for:
- Registration;
- "Enrolled AiCandidate" 1st-year affiliation

    or non-Member AiCertification Program Registration Fee

+ $50 reduction of the regular $1,200 course tuition

NOTE: A $99 AiV-Registry Fee for "AiV" and/or "AiS" listings is due on completion of AiCore-I.


Please be sure to submit the "Required Agreement" form below.


Select Your AiCertification 2017 Courses, Programs or Packages
Your Current or Aspirational Primary Specialty Area?
Your Current Plan for AiCertify Format [any 2017 option is OK]
YourName for AIS-ToS Agreement
Any Comment or Note?




AiCertify does also provide interest-free monthly payment options
but at a slightly higher total tuition to cover administration costs.


We can also process your debit or credit card payment by phone or email.


Two or more enrolling together?

Ask about our "2-fer-1 BOGO 50%-off"

opr just use the registration/payment modules below to process it now


Email for more info


"2-fer-1 BOGO 50%-off"


for Each of Two or More Enrolling Together


Use the $2,596 payment module below for two enrollees using the "2-fer-1 BOGO" 50%-off Regular Tuition for Two Enrolling Together


One $2,596 Payment for Participation of Both together in 2017 or 2018 AiCore™Fundamentals I & II + AiSCV-AVS Offerings


Each Saves 50%-off Regular Multi-course Package Tuition Rates.


Included is the also he payment for each of the two, for AISociety organization fees:

- $99 for AIS Application/Registration

- $99 for current year's annual Affiliation Fee


- $99 AIS AiV-Regisry setup fee due after acquiring "AiS" Member title thorugh AiCore-I requirements


Bottom line:

  Each of two or more pays US$1,398 TOTAL for AICore "AiSV" & "AiSCV-AVS Advanced Valuation Specialist & Trial Expert" eligibility

  - Each saving $1,100 off the regular total US$2,497 total regular AiCore "AiSV" + "AiSCV-AVS" Rate!

Single Payment for "2-fer-1 BOGO" provides 50%-off the Regular Individual AiCore-I+II & AiS-AVS Tuitions for Each of Two Enrolling Together for 2018 AiCertification's 3-Course "AiSCV-AVS" Title Eligibility
2,596.00 USD

2-fer-1 BOGO 50%-off Package
Also Saving $1,500 each on individual program rates for: AiCore I &II + AiSCV-AVS

Includes 2x $198 AISociety Fees for:
1. Org. Registration;
2. 2017 "Enrolled AiCandidate" Affiliation Fee;

Each pays $99 AiV-Registry Fee After AiCore-I



Questions About the "2-fer-1 BOGO" Offer for two or more Enrolling Together?


We can also process your debit or credit card payment by phone or email.


Email for more info

Start date


AiCore + AiSCV-AVS Package Details


Prerequisite for all AiCerty programs

is the AiCore-I™ Principles & Procedures Appraisal & Valuation Fundamentals Program.


Join Elly Rosen and The Class of 2017


Starting Globally, Online, Live in:

Jan. & Jul. 1-week AiFasTrak™ offerings of AiCore-I;

Full program AiResidence™ starting in Feb. of each year


Or year-round via AiMentored Self-Paced Study collaborating with AiMentors in the AiCloud


! Registration is NOW OPEN for AiCertification™2017!


AiCore™Fundamentals via AiMentored AiSelfStudy uses program materials and audio-visual AiRecordings of the current Live, AiResidence classes in your Enrolled AiCandidate's folder in the AiCloud.


Interactive AiMentored Study Online in the AiCloud:

ALL AiCertification programs and AISociety Member

titles of the Accredited International Valuer Registry

[AiV-Registry] are available online via interactive,

structured AiSelfStudy collaborating with AiMentors.


AiSelfStudy pairing of AiMentors with Enrolled AiCandidates

takes place each month.


Live AiResidence


Session times


Two sessions per week usually 2-times Mon & Wed

 Current live, online, global audio-video AiResidence

 offerings are:

Mon & Wed at 1:30pm-5:00pm NY ETime

 and then repeated

Mon & Wed at 8:30-Midnight NY ETimes


Number of offerings for each of the 2 weekly sessions

and the times for such such offerings are adapted to

the makeup and time zones of course participants.

In this way, since 2011, we've accommodated folks

across 21-global time zones.


 After that, Audio-visual AiRecordings and session

 materials are posted in the AiResidence program

 Folders in the AiCloud, for review or missed sessions


Lessons durations


Three & a Half hours total:  Three 50-minute Presentation

 segments, followed by 40-minute+ Q&A-Discussion

   [Including 20-minutes of breaks.]


Course duration


AiSCV-AVS Live AiResidence:  August through October


13-weeks for the three 4-week courses and exams

 +3-months allowed for AiSCV Appraisal Assignments


 Also available via

 AiMentored AiSelf-Paced Study in the AiCloud

 [3-Months minimum, up to 6-months allowed]




AiResidence: Live, Online Audio-Video Classroom;

 Global participants typically span 21-time zones


Also available with the AiMentored™ Study Program

 using the latest AiResidence course materials

 and AiRecordings in the AiCloud.


Class size


25 max. in Live, AiResidence Offerings

AiSelfStudy limit depends on AiMentor Availability


Classroom Hours


80-Classroom hours, including three Group Review Tests,

 Four 3-hour Final Exam & review Sessions, followed

 by 15-work hour independent appraisal assignment




AiCore™Fundamentals Program is the prerequisite


Tuition Fees


& Payment




[All rates are 2016-17 rates valid while posted]


AiSCV-AVS stand-alone program rate,

if registered separately during or after AiCore I & II completion






PayPal Credit [where available]:

Pay in 6-Months Interest free, or monthly after

6-months with PayPal Credit [was BillMeLater]:

Qualified US Residents might use PayPal Credit

to pay PayPal in 6-months interest free, or to start

PayPal's monthly payments with accrued interest.


Interest-Free payments to AIS totaling:  US$1,320


US$1,320 total if paid in Three (3) US$440

- 1st at enrollment

   then two (2) by the 15th of the following two months.



AiCertification packages = significant savings:

See the Full AiCertification™Program page,


Or - See below for the AiCore = AiSCV-AVS Package:




AiCore I&II + AiSCV-AVS Package Fee:  US$2,200 total




Payments for AiCore I & II + AiSCV-AVS Package:


PayPal Credit Qualified folks might register with PayPal payment, Interest free if padi to PayPal within 6-months,

or with accrued interest to PayPal if starting monthly

payments for 6-months.



Interest-Free payments to AISociety for a total of US$

via PayPal automated billing:  US$2,400


AiSelfStudy Monthly Payments to AIS:


Two (2) payments of $375 each

 - 1st at enrollment, 2nd by the 15th of the following month.


Then six (6) monthly payments of US$275 each.


Significant savings are realized with these

AiCertification Packages of AiCore & AiSCV programs




Included in


this package:



Once enrolled in AiCertification:

AISociety "Enrolled AiCandidate" affiliation [NOT "Member"]

[as per AiS-ToS, and "Good Standing" status]


Member Level, Titles & Appellations Eligibility:


After AiCore-I:

 "AiS" "AISociety Member"

  [AiV-Registry listing as an "AiS" Member with Member #]


After AiCore-II:

 "AiSV" "AISociety Valuer" Accredited Member

  [AiV-Registry listing upgraded to "AiSV" with License #]


After AiSCV-AVS:

"AiSCV-AVS" "Advanced Valuation Specialist"

 The AISociety Certified Member level

  [AiV-Registry listing upgraded to AIS Licensed "AiSCV-AVS"]


A $180 fee for AISociety Registration & Affiliation Dues and

AiCertification™Program Application/Registration are

included in the AiCore Program tuition.


An additional fee of $99 is due upon AiCore-I™ completion, before granting of "AiS" AISociety Member designation -


That fee is for Registration, licensing and listing in the

AIS' Accredited International Valuer Regisry (AiV-Registry)

as an "AiS" AISociety Member with Member #


AiV-Registry "AiSV" Member Title adds:

- AiV-Registry License # and license #'d Kit:

 - AiCore I&II Fundamentals & AiSV Completion Certificate;

 - AiSV Logo & Embosser seal artwork;

 - option to purchase embosser unit from AIS

    vendor at our cost including our current 15%-discount


Option to purchase Registry #'d AiSV Logo-Pin

 [When available - ETA by Sep-2017]


AiSCV-AVS Diploma eligibility and AiV-Reg update after AVS.



AiCertification's Class of 2024 Starts Global Online Orientation Sessions, including AiWebinars & Exercises Thu Jan-4th, Leading up to start of Classes of AIStandard's 5th-Decade "Class of 2024" on Thu Feb-22nd and running through Triple-Corwn & Quad Crown Graduate Titles Final Exams during the 4th week of Nov. in:


Live Global AiResidence™ Twice-weekly 3-hour classes, offered up to 3-times each for 3-Global Time Zones;



Structured AiSelf-Paced™ Study with AiMentors in the AiCloud™, using the latest 2024, Live Class AiVideos, CourseBooks & AiReferences™;


AIStandard's Incentive "5th-Decade Early Enrollment Rates" are valid before program start-up and as posted at:


Join AiCertification's Global, Multi-Specialty,  AiCore™ Class of 2024 for eligibility as an "AiS, AiV™ Accredited International Valuer / Member", or as a non-member "AiV"™, for the NEW appellation of "Accredited International Valuer", by completing Global, Online AiCore-I's 2024 Updated 45-Classroom Hour FasTrak Offerings in our live online classrom or through NEWLY Structured, AiMentored Self-Paced Study Online, in the AiCloud

See AiCore-I Offerings @
The AiCalendar

See the AiCalendar for  Global Orientation sessions for AiCertification's Live Classes and AiMentored Self-Paced Study are offered regularly, Live & Online.

AiCloud™ Self-Paced Study start-ups take place throughout the year, beginning with monthly assignment of global, multi-specialty AiMentors to new Enrolled AiCandidates™.  AiMentors work with AiCandidates online, in the AiCloud using current Live AiResidence™ course materials and audio-video AiRecordings™.

It is a small world after all

Symbol of Excellence

"AiSV" AiV-Reg# Logo/Pin

Symbol of Excellence!  AiSV™ Logo/Pin of AiCertified™ AiSCV™ & Accredited AiSV™ Designated, Titled Members - ALWAYS with AISociety AiCore Member's AiV-Registry License # Symbol of Excellence! AiSV™ Logo/Pin of AiCertified™ AiSCV™ & Accredited AiSV™ Designated & Titled Members - ALWAYS with the Members AiV-Reg. License # of the AiCore Member's listing in the AISociety's Accredited International Valuer Registry™

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