AISociety ™ Appraisers International Society ™ AIS - Personal Property Appraisal's Global Valuation Standard ™ GVS ――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――― Since 1982, AIStandards™ & AiCertification™ developer Elly Rosen has been the primary developer & instructor of professional principles, applied ethics, procedures, methodology and reporting for multi-specialty, attached and movable Personal Property Appraisal & Valuation. Leader of the very first education, testing, certification and referral programs, now Elly and the Global AiCertification Team are in the 5th-Decade Global AIStandard
  AISociety ™ Appraisers International Society ™ AIS  -  Personal Property Appraisal's Global Valuation Standard ™ GVS    ―――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――      Since 1982, AIStandards™ & AiCertification™ developer Elly Rosen has been the primary developer & instructor        of professional principles, applied ethics, procedures, methodology and reporting for multi-specialty, attached          and movable Personal Property Appraisal & Valuation.  Leader of the very first education, testing, certification             and referral programs, now Elly and the Global AiCertification Team are in the 5th-Decade Global AIStandard      

AISociety Mission


Purpose & Goals of the

Appraisers International Society™ - AISociety™ - AIS™

Professional Membership Organization of

Appraisers International™ (AI™)


Providing Universal, International, Multi-Discipline Personal Property Valuation & Appraisal


Standards of Ethics, Principles, Procedures, Methodology & Reporting


In a Comprehensive Program which is at once Advanced, Accessible & Affordable;


In context of International Multi-Specialty NetWorking, Certification & Referrals.

1982 was the year Elly Rosen headed up development of personal property appraisal's first comprehensive body of knowledge of professional multi-specialty personal property [aka "personalty", including G&J] valuation and appraisal standards, courses, testing, certification and referrals.  AISociety founder Elly Rosen was the primary developer and instructor for the 1st programs ever offered on Personal Property Valuation & Appraisal Professionalism.

Since it’s 1982 beginnings, the AIStandard has seen four decades of meaningful growth, serving as the core principles and foundation for most professional personal property valuation and appraisal programs offered today.  However, personalty education, testing and certification remains too costly and inaccessible to the vast majority of practitioners. As a result, a very small percentage of personalty valuation  and  appraisal practitioners have availed themselves of the education, knowledge and professional methodology embraced in those standards. A relatively tiny number subscribe to those standards or any meaningful derivative. Equally important is personalty’s limited, meaningful representation in legislative and institutional standards forums.



The Appraisers International Society™ - the AISociety™, an international, multi-discipline, professional personal property valuation and appraisal membership, education, certification and referrals organization, has been formed in order to enter the Fourth-Decade of personalty valuation and appraisal professionalism with:


  • An organization of dedicated, international valuers and appraisers, holding themselves accountable to the international AiCode of Ethical Conduct & AIStandards of Practice™, a standard worthy of the confidence and support of the international personal property client community;


  • An affordable and easily accessible, 21st Century, international, comprehensive education, testing and certification program on professional personal property valuation and appraisal ethics, standards, principles, procedures, methodology, and reporting;


  • A program based on a foundation of professionalism and fundamental principles for the valuation and appraisal of personal property worthy and capable of garnering the support and embracement of international practitioners for universal application to all personal property specialties and trades in the global, free-market community;


  • A standard which is easily applied by international practitioners and organizations to the personal property valuation and appraisal needs of the broad and varied client community, including but not limited to consumers, wholesale and retail trades, corporations and businesses, insurance, banking, economic and legal professionals and institutions, government agencies and court systems;


  • A reliable, unbiased international, multi-specialty networking and referral system of valuers and appraisers of all personal property trades, specialties, and products, with expertise in relevant markets, client and institutional needs, laws and regulations, and capable of providing professional Expert Witness & Trial Consultant services; and,


  • Representation in the halls and assemblies of legislative and institutional standards setters by and for professional personal property practitioners.


5th Draft - "AISociety Mission Statement"


 [Rev22 of Jan14-2022 updating Nov-13 & Dec-30-2009 & Jan-2010 Drafts]


AiCertification's Class of 2024 Starts Global Online Orientation Sessions, including AiWebinars & Exercises Thu Jan-4th, Leading up to start of Classes of AIStandard's 5th-Decade "Class of 2024" on Thu Feb-22nd and running through Triple-Corwn & Quad Crown Graduate Titles Final Exams during the 4th week of Nov. in:


Live Global AiResidence™ Twice-weekly 3-hour classes, offered up to 3-times each for 3-Global Time Zones;



Structured AiSelf-Paced™ Study with AiMentors in the AiCloud™, using the latest 2024, Live Class AiVideos, CourseBooks & AiReferences™;


AIStandard's Incentive "5th-Decade Early Enrollment Rates" are valid before program start-up and as posted at:


Join AiCertification's Global, Multi-Specialty,  AiCore™ Class of 2024 for eligibility as an "AiS, AiV™ Accredited International Valuer / Member", or as a non-member "AiV"™, for the NEW appellation of "Accredited International Valuer", by completing Global, Online AiCore-I's 2024 Updated 45-Classroom Hour FasTrak Offerings in our live online classrom or through NEWLY Structured, AiMentored Self-Paced Study Online, in the AiCloud

See AiCore-I Offerings @
The AiCalendar

See the AiCalendar for  Global Orientation sessions for AiCertification's Live Classes and AiMentored Self-Paced Study are offered regularly, Live & Online.

AiCloud™ Self-Paced Study start-ups take place throughout the year, beginning with monthly assignment of global, multi-specialty AiMentors to new Enrolled AiCandidates™.  AiMentors work with AiCandidates online, in the AiCloud using current Live AiResidence™ course materials and audio-video AiRecordings™.

It is a small world after all

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Symbol of Excellence!  AiSV™ Logo/Pin of AiCertified™ AiSCV™ & Accredited AiSV™ Designated, Titled Members - ALWAYS with AISociety AiCore Member's AiV-Registry License # Symbol of Excellence! AiSV™ Logo/Pin of AiCertified™ AiSCV™ & Accredited AiSV™ Designated & Titled Members - ALWAYS with the Members AiV-Reg. License # of the AiCore Member's listing in the AISociety's Accredited International Valuer Registry™

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