AISociety - Appraisers International Society - AIS ―――――――――――――――――――――――――――――― Since 1982, AIStandards™ & AiCertification™ developer Elly Rosen has been the primary developer & instructor of professional principles, applied ethics, procedures, methodology and reporting for multi-specialty, attached and movable Personal Property Appraisal & Valuation. Leader of the very first education, testing, certification and referral programs, now Elly and the Global AiCertification Team offer the 4th-Decade Global AIStandard v4
AISociety - Appraisers International Society - AIS   ――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――     Since 1982, AIStandards™ & AiCertification™ developer Elly Rosen has been the primary developer & instructor        of professional principles, applied ethics, procedures, methodology and reporting for multi-specialty, attached          and movable Personal Property Appraisal & Valuation.  Leader of the very first education, testing, certification             and referral programs, now Elly and the Global AiCertification Team offer the 4th-Decade Global AIStandard v4
NEW AiCore I - Valuation Principles & Procedures for the NEW AISociety Member "AiV" (AiValuer) Title N E W AiCore I - Valuation Principles & Procedures for the N E W AISociety Member "AiV" (AiValuer) Title



Info and Registration Links are below for live, online, webinars on:  Professional Valuation Appraisals & the Global Valuation Standard

AISociety & AiCertification Events & Education programs

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Live, Global, Online, Audio-Video,

AISociety Complimentary & Fee-Based Webinars

on Professional Valuation & Appraising with an

AiCertification Program Overview & Opening Session Introduction


The AISociety offers periodic Complimentary as well as fee based Webinars, live, online in the state of the art AiCertification audio-video, webcam [optional] equipped classroom and testing center.  Use the link below to check on such offerings.


Presentations are often followed by live, informal, global audio-video, Q&A-Discussions with AiCertification Governors, Presenters, Instructors, AiMentors and titled members of the international AiCore.


Come by and visit - meet the great, friendly AiCore teachers and talk to some of the existing students to learn more about the opportunities for you with the AISociety - Appraisers International Society - AIS.



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AISociety Complimentary Webinar - AiCertify-2015 1st-Session on Global Multi-Specialty, Personal Property Valuation & Appraising


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'Profits v Pitfalls in Professional Appraising' AiGlobal Webinar Live with Elly Rosen - 20th-Anniversary Update, Quiz n Article


Please REGISTER 30-min BEFORE START TIME for the: Appraisal QUIZ; Article; & Elly Rosen's live, online AiWebinar - 1-hour Presentation + ½-hour Q&A-Discussion



FREE FOR AiCore Alumni, Enrolled AiCandidates & Live and online attendees of the Oct-21-2014 GIA-AA MN Presentation, and folks with AIS approved codes of other events.


Also FREE for:

Southern Jewelry News and Mid-America Jewelry News readers who have the code from Bill Korst's Feb-2015 article, "The Professional Appraisal Practice"



[Qualified folks, please Email for the complimentary code.]



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Join AiCertification's Global, Multi-Specialty,  AiCore™ Class of 2015 through AiMentored Self-Study Online

AiCloud™Study start-ups take place throughout the year, beginning with monthly assignments of global, multi-specialty AiMentors to new Enrolled AiCandidates™.  Mentors then work with candidates online, in the AiCloud using current Live AiResidence™ course materials and audio-video AiRecordings™.

It is a small world after all

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Symbol of Excellence!  AiSV™ Logo/Pin of AiCertified™ AiSCV™ & Accredited AiSV™ Designated, Titled Members - ALWAYS with AISociety AiCore Member's AiV-Registry License # Symbol of Excellence! AiSV™ Logo/Pin of AiCertified™ AiSCV™ & Accredited AiSV™ Designated & Titled Members - ALWAYS with the Members AiV-Reg. License # of the AiCore Member's listing in the AISociety's Accredited International Valuer Registry™

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